24 Ways To Feed Your Soul


24 Ways To Feed Your Soul

It's that time of year again... The leaves have changed and the trees are bare. The temperatures are dropping and you have a need to stay in bed. To cuddle with a big warm fuzzy blanket and sip cocoa while watching your favorite movie (you've already seen 7 times!).

It can also be the most stress filled and depressing time of year. The clouds cover us and the days are short and dark. You feel big pressures at work to do more and work longer hours while the stores bombard you with holiday advertising since early October.

That's why it is essential now more than ever before to take care of yourself. We must nurture our spirits and feed our soul.Daily.    

We have to let go of the notion that self-care, or self-love is selfish. It's not. It's more of a necessity. If we don't love ourselves first, we can't love anyone else, truly. All other aspects of our lives are effected when we are run-down or filled with negativity. Our outlook and attitude are vital to our very existence. Think of it that way and you will understand and WANT to take care of yourself.

Feed your soul. Here's 24 ways to do it!

  1. Wake early, early! Watch the sunrise. Clear your mind and just be there with it. Watch it come up. When is the last time you watched the Sunrise?
  2. Call a friend, make a date if you can. So many friends lost along the way simply because we forgot to keep in touch. It doesn't matter who called whom last. Just pick up the phone.
  3. Pet a cat or a dog. Animals bring so much to our lives it's amazing. If you don't have a pet, maybe there's a kitten lounge near you? I see many are popping up now in larger cities. If not, go to your local shelter and find one there. I guarantee it will change you for the better.
  4. Breathe. Just breathe. Listen to your breath and nothing else for at least 1 minute. 
  5. Sit quietly and sip a cup of ______. You fill in the blank. For me, it's tea. I love coffee, and enjoy it every morning and some afternoons. But sipping tea is something else. For some reason it does feed my soul. Same with hot cocoa. There's something really indulgent about Hot cocoa that warms your spirit. Sipping by a warm cozy fire, even better!
  6. Light a candle. If you happen to have one that's your favorite scent, even better!
  7. Pray with the rocks, the pebbles, the sand, as they are still and silent.
  8. Pick some flowers and bring them home. Or buy yourself a bouquet!
  9. Write a letter. I love getting a letter in the mail. My aunt used to write me quite often. And it wasn't about world news or anything life shattering. Just what she was up to, and I loved it.
  10. Sing, sing a song. Sing out loud sing out strong! (Carpenters 1973)
  11. Yoga. A regular Yoga practice will allow you to be in tune with your body. The side effect of yoga is that it will help you develop some truly incredible mental and physical strength. 
  12. Go camping! Get outside, explore. See new things and get back to Nature.
  13. Go to the beach. Stand in front (or close to) the ocean. Smell the ocean air. Hear the waves crashing. If you don't live near the ocean, go to a river, creek or even a stream. Natural bodies of water have an incredible healing power on the spirit.
  14. Go for a 15 minute (or longer) walk. I like to go early in the morning while most of the city is still asleep or at home. When the air is cool and the sounds are quiet. 
  15. Eat something good for you that is good! Soup is a great way to do this! I love making soup because it makes me feel a little bit like a mad scientist. Throw in all your favorites, and stir. The process of choosing, washing, cutting and then stirring is nothing short of magical. I find lasagna to be the same in this process...  I ❤️ pasta
  16. Read. Nothing soothes like a good book. I like to read non-fiction books. Books that are about Spirit and personal growth, love, nature and just about anything funny!
  17. Make a new playlist of your most favorite, and most happy songs. I have several "happy day" playlists on my phone and computer. 
  18. Watch a "feel good" movie. Sounds we hear, movies we watch, do effect our inner wellness. We must look at external stimulation as we do food. Take in things that make you feel good. Leave the rest! What are some happy/ feel good songs or movies you enjoy? Comment below!
  19. Clean. Some of you might think, "what!?". When my living space becomes cluttered and or dirty, I feel myself loose focus and even get sad feeling. Maybe it's not for you... but I love cleaning (sometimes). It's mindless work, really. Having a clean, organized space will make you feel GOOD. I promise! It doesn't have to be the whole house. Maybe just a drawer... for now.
  20. Give a gift. Giving always makes you feel good. There is an art to it, however. It must be done in a spirit of selflessness. Without expectations of any return. Always, always must be done in this manner. Gifts don't need to be expensive or require money at all. Get creative. Some of my favorite gifts are handmade.
  21. Leave your comfort zone for a little while. "Do the thing you think you cannot do". ~ Eleanor Roosevelt. I assure you it will build confidence and make you feel 10 feet tall. Make sure it's healthy and safe!
  22. Start a gratitude journal. (Try to) Write in it everyday. And when you can't find anything in your heart to write down, read past entries.  But, that probably wont happen! 
  23. Let go. Forgive someone. It will be a weight off your shoulders. You'll feel 100 times lighter. And by letting go of stale, old resentments we open up space for new things. Room for positive, soul feeding things. So however you can manage it, forgive someone. 
  24. Meditate. If you don't know how, practice. You'll get better. Check out Deepak he can inspire.

How do you feed your soul? I would love to hear from you!  Comment below and you'll be entered into a drawing at the end of this month to win an all silver "feed your soul" handcrafted charm with a 18" silver chain. (image coming soon) 
I'll pick a winner "Cyber Monday" November 30th at 6PM PST. (USA)
Peace, & Blessings!