My Story

To create beautiful things that make people happy. I love what I do! I have a wonderful job. I've been creating beads and jewelry for twenty years. I am a self taught artist, with a passion that drives me. I am inspired by pretty much everything around me. Most of my inspiration comes from my own spirituality and love for nature.

I want to make you think... inspire you... and make you feel good about what you are wearing and the message it brings. Inspirational jewelry is a huge passion of mine. Jewelry that carries a message of love is what I strive to create.

I live in the Pacific Northwest in Washington state. My home and studio are located near several great mountains including the Olympic Mountain range, Mt. St. Helen's, Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. We are two hours drive to the Olympic Rain Forest. Less than two hours from the Pacific Ocean. I am surrounded by Nature at her finest! I am extremely grateful to be living here with my family. I feel very blessed.

I live in the city but my heart and soul is at the beach. I am most alive when standing in front of the ocean. Hearing the waves crash on the beach, breathing in the salty air and feeling the pure energy there always recharges my spirit. Salt air cures all.

I am the mother of two grown children and one recently adopted fur-baby. We adopted Molly dog in August of 2013. She was found wandering the streets of Portland and had been at three shelters before we found her, adopted her and brought her home. And now I cannot imagine life without her. They say rescue dogs are the most loving and loyal on Earth. I certainly laugh and smile a whole lot more these days! So really, who rescued who?

Please take a moment to watch this video "Meet My Shelter Pet". It embodies my feelings to a T. The more I learn about dogs and how many need homes, I can't imagine ever buying a specialty breed or buying from a breeder of any kind. It boggles the mind to try to understand, 3 million dogs and cats are put to death each *year simply because they are homeless. Always, always, always, rescue.

Please note that I have no employees. Everything here is crafted by me by hand in my studio.

Here you will find handcrafted sterling silver and pure copper jewelry, charms and findings. All of my jewelry has been crafted from raw materials whenever possible. I use only the highest of quality findings and materials.

I use only pure metals for my jewelry. The silver I use is either genuine sterling silver or pure fine silver. Copper materials are pure, solid copper. If there is ever an exception, all materials will be clearly listed.

I strive to use packaging that is Eco friendly. The baggies used for your jewelry packaging are listed as biodegradable. The corrugated boxes used in shipping are from recycled materials. If I use bubble wrap, it is what I have saved from other shippers, and I am re-using it.

Please reuse and recycle the material you receive from me.

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