Chakra Charm Necklace Handcrafted Heart Chakra and Garnet Gemstone Sterling SIlver Bead Chain

This handcrafted charm features an image of the Heart Chakra, made of recycled .999 pure silver. A sterling silver jump ring has been added for stringing, with a beautiful translucent green Grossular Garnet stone dangling on the side. The chain is .925 sterling silver, 18 or 16 inches long, and ready to ship. The chain length can be adjusted upon request. (see prices below) Other chakra charms are also available. Feel free to message me for requests!

Size: 14mm Round x 1.5mm thickness

Details: My Chakra charms are created from 1.7g of pure, raw silver. Hammering creates the irregular and rustic shape and they will vary slightly in size. The necklace has an oxidized patina added that is hand polished. The finish is somewhat matte and rusic in nature. If you prefer a brighter, shinier finish, just shoot me a message. 

The chakra system originates from ancient India and is a core part of several spiritual and healing practices. The concept of chakras first appeared in Vedic texts, among the oldest writings in India, dating back to around 1500-500 BCE.

The heart chakra, known as Anahata, pronounced as "Ah-nah-ha-ta."

Center stage in your chest, the heart chakra blooms a lush green, embodying love, compassion, and connection. This chakra is where the physical and spiritual meet, bridging the gap with the universal language of love. It's about opening your heart to love's infinite possibilities, embracing compassion, and fostering deep connections with others.

A balanced heart chakra enables you to give and receive love freely, experience deep compassion, and enjoy meaningful relationships. An imbalance might manifest as a sense of isolation, holding onto grudges, or an inability to open up to others.

To nurture your heart chakra, practice acts of kindness, spend time with loved ones, or engage in meditation focused on love and gratitude. Embrace the art of letting go and opening your heart to the world around you.

Green garnet is associated with the heart chakra, which promotes emotional well-being, clears negative emotions, and fosters personal growth. It is used in meditation or as jewelry to open and balance the heart chakra, allowing for a healthy flow of emotional and spiritual energy.

Chain adjustment costs will be billed separately. Please message me with your size, and the invoice will be emailed to the email listed on your order. 

Additional cost per inch from 18" for 2mm sterling silver bead chain is $1.37

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