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Natural Blue Sapphire Hoops. Pure Copper. Leaf Earrings. Sterling Silver

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These handmade earrings feature pure copper fused hoops with faceted, natural sapphire stones and TierraCast copper leaf charms. The ear wires are sterling silver with pure copper buttons added to coordinate with the earrings. These earrings have an added oxidized patina that has been hand-polished. To care for your natural copper jewelry, store it in an air-tight bag and occasionally give a light polish with the included cloth to brighten it. Sterling silver ear wires can be cleaned with mild, soapy water. 

These earrings are just under two inches long. 
One set is available and ready to ship. 

Materials: Pure copper hoops, copper wire, TierraCast copper plated leaf charms, .925 sterling silver earwires with copper buttons. 

Collections: EARRINGS, Jewelry

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