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This beautiful hamsa hand charm is crafted from pure fine silver, giving it a rustic and timeless appearance. The charm is connected to a sterling silver chain necklace by double rings, and the chain is designed with an extension for adjustable sizing. To maintain balance, a fine silver nugget charm is added to the end, with the clasp being a .925 sterling silver lobster style.

The Hamsa Hand is a symbol of protection from the evil eye, which is believed to bring harm or bad luck to the recipient. The Hamsa is also seen as a symbol of good fortune, happiness, and positive energy, bringing blessings, prosperity, and fortune to its bearer. It is believed to bring blessings, fortune, and prosperity to those who possess it.

Regardless of religion or culture, the Hamsa Hand is a powerful symbol embraced by many, including Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, each attributing slightly different meanings to its significance. Wear this Hamsa Hand charm with pride, embrace its protective and prosperous qualities, and let its timeless beauty inspire you.

Made for order in 7 to 10 working days. 

Length: 17 inches

Please message me for personalized or custom orders. Thank you for shopping with me!

Handmade item
Materials: Sterling Silver Chain. Fine Silver Pendant
Sustainable features: recycled metal.

Pendant width: 10 Millimeters; Pendant height: 15 Millimeters

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