Handcrafted Chain Necklace Beaded Rusty Blue Ceramic Chain Necklace

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This handcrafted chain necklace features Stormy Blue ceramic beads. Handcrafted stoneware beads  look great next to the rustic, oxidized copper chain.

Teal blue Kyanite Gemstones are a great pairing for the cool blue Ceramic beads. These little beads are rustic, natural gemstones. They vary in color and translucency.

This chain is handcrafted one link at a time. The rings are cut, forged, and fused by hand.  At the center is a large, fused, solid copper ring. Hammered and adorned with a tiny star. The hammered surface is complemented by the rustic, oxidized finish.

This necklace has a hook and eye closure with blue Kyanite gemstones dangling.

This necklace is pure copper, ceramic, and blue Kyanite gemstones. A feminine, bohemian, rustic look.

  • ceramic beads: 8x10mm
  • gemstones: 4x5mm
  • ring: 38x43mm
  • Necklace shown is adjustable up to 20 inches

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