Handcrafted Chain Necklace Beaded Rusty Blue Ceramic Chain Necklace

This handcrafted chain necklace features Stormy Blue ceramic beads. Handcrafted stoneware beads  look great next to the rustic, oxidized copper chain.

Teal blue Kyanite Gemstones are a great pairing for the cool blue Ceramic beads. These little beads are rustic, natural gemstones. They vary in color and translucency.

This chain is handcrafted one link at a time. The rings are cut, forged, and fused by hand.  At the center is a large, fused, solid copper ring. Hammered and adorned with a tiny star. The hammered surface is complemented by the rustic, oxidized finish.

This necklace has a hook and eye closure with blue Kyanite gemstones dangling.

This necklace is pure copper, ceramic, and blue Kyanite gemstones. A feminine, bohemian, rustic look.

  • ceramic beads: 8x10mm
  • gemstones: 4x5mm
  • ring: 38x43mm
  • Necklace shown is adjustable up to 20 inches

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