Algiz Rune Earrings. Silver Runic Jewelry. Elder Futhark Germanic Runes. Viking Runes.

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These earrings are built around Silver nugget headpins with the Algiz Rune. Handcrafted from .999 pure, raw silver and hand stamped with the tiny 3mm runes. Each one is unique and rustic in appearance.

Adorned with handcrafted porcelain beads in creamy off white, paired with rustic white African glass beads.

This little bead totem hangs from a small silver ring which attaches to the ear wires. This center ring gives the charms a nice movement.

The ear-wires are crafted from .925 sterling silver. Always. Tiny 3mm beads are wrapped onto the base.

These earrings have an antique finish that has been hand polished on the high spots.

  • Length: 1 5/8 inches
  • Made For Order in 7 to 10 Working Days

If you prefer a another color, please contact me for options. I am happy to customize this set in another color or rune.