All Things Pink.


All Things Pink.

All about Pink and how color can transform our lives by inspiring emotions. Use color and especially the color PINK to inspire LOVE in yourself and in others. I'm even sporting some pink hair lately.

Picture of Cindy's pink hair.

Rubies are the traditional birthstone for July. But are the perfect reflection of Love for anyone who loves deep pink and beautiful gemstones!

 Ive had a love for the color pink as far back as I can remember. I hear some females talk about pink as if it’s a bad thing . So... you can’t be a strong woman and like pink? Or... If you like pink, you must be weak. I strongly disagree.

 While it’s true colors are more than simply their outward appearances, one color over another does not prove your strength.

 I understand as a woman how difficult it can be to be seen as equal and even worthy next to our male counterparts. But really, it’s okay to love pink and be strong too.

 Pink Ruby Gemstone Bracelet. Handmade Silver Chain. Boho Jewelry.

I’m not downgrading the significance of color or how it can have a deep effect on our way of thinking tho.

Colors can and do evoke emotions.

It’s why we wear white to our wedding and black to a funeral.

Is it because we associate pink with girls that people assume pink is weak? That couldn't be further from the truth. Lets start lifting up girls and stop this ridiculous idea that women are the *weaker sex.

How can we change that?

What does pink really represent?

How can we empower it?

Let’s start giving strength to PINK instead of tearing it down. Because many of us are still love it. And doesn't vilifying a color sound ridiculous? Yeah, I think so too.

I know... guys wear it too and more power to them!

So I’m back to the question, what does pink represent? Or how can we empower it and girls?

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